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The appeal of trade events is extensive as trade Shows and events have a detailed history of bringing together traders and customers, both B2B and B2C. Their expansion throughout the decades is obvious as a larger number of companies from a wide number of industries, ranging from agriculture to weddings get pop up gazebos or a temporary shelter to operate out of in order to use the event as an effective marketing tool in order to create brand awareness for them.


At the worst point of the economic downturn a high number of businesses chose to withdraw from exhibiting at shows internationally. As a result of most companies getting out of the perils of the recession the attractiveness of exhibitions is beginning to increase again too. It presents companies with the opportunity to generate brand awareness to potential customers that they might not be able to reach using other promotional methods.


Exhibitions by nature are specific to every industry, for example the Ideal Home Show is specific to home design The benefit of this is that the clientele that are attracted to specific events will predominantly be the businesses key demographic and therefore it gives the businesses exhibiting the chance to get noticed by them and promote their key values.